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Until now, there were two financing options available to entrepreneurs: fundraising and bank loans. One entails dilution, the other personal guarantees. With Unlimitd, you can get access to capital fast and easy to finance your growth.

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Are you eligible to funding?

Online Companies

SaaS, Subscription-based company, E-commerce, Marketplace

6 month of track-record

Minimum 6 months of revenue

10k€ monthly revenue

Minimum 10k€ monthly revenue, or annual turnover of 120k€ or more

"Unlimitd is the tool we have been waiting for! We can now finance our growth without raising funds by capitalizing on the value of our client contracts."
Jonathan Dahan,
CEO of Fydem
"Unlimitd is a real growth booster. We have been able to finance our acquisition campaigns thanks to Unlimitd "
Jordan Cohen
CEO of Tessan
"Unlimitd is a great lever for growth for a BtoB SaaS company like ours. Thanks to Julien Zerbib and his team for deploying this type of solution in the tech ecosystem in France."
Nicolas Jaulin
CEO of Pysae
"With Unlimitd, I quickly realized that they understood my business and my needs, with a truly entrepreneurial approach"
Houssem HAMZA
Co-Founder of Data4job

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I want to finance

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The revenue share is the % of your weekly revenue that will be debited each week for the repayment of your loan. Therefore your weekly payments will vary depending on the evolution of your revenue to avoid liquidity gaps.

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12 months
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