Turn your recurring revenue into immediate cash

Caculate you capacities

A new way to finance your growth


only a few clicks, get a reply in under 48h


If revenues slow down so do repayments


flat fee, no hidden fees

Non dilutive

No personal guarantees required

With Unlimitd

receive up to 40% of your ARR in less than 48 hours

With an ordinary financing
45 days

receive your bank loan within 30 to 45 days

Up to 40%

of your ARR

Turn your recurring revenue into immediate cash and get up to 40% of your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in less than 48 hours

How does it work?

Connect your management tools

connect your tools with unlimitd

Define your projet

calculate your capacities with unlimitd

Receive your financing

Receive your financing

Finally some transparency !

What is your revenue over the last 12 months?

What is your current MRR ?

I want to finance:

Ad Spend

I want to finance:

My Futur Income
Ad Spend

Average monthly inventory spend :

Average monthly Ad spend :

Financing Simulation

Unlimitd fee :
Unlimitd funding :
Revenue share :

The revenue share is the % of your weekly revenue that will be debited each week for the repayment of your loan. Therefore your weekly payments will vary depending on the evolution of your revenue to avoid liquidity gaps.

Funding term :
6 months
9 months
12 months
Unlimitd fee :
Cost of Unlimitd funding :
  • Fast

    Answer in under 48h

  • Flexible

    Adaptative Repayment Plan

  • Transparent

    No Hidden Fees

  • Non Dilutive

    No personal guarantees

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"La solution de financement non-dilutive nous permet d’accélérer nos campagnes d’acquisition pour conforter notre position de leader sur certains marchés tout en lançant une nouvelle offre sans diluer l’actionnariat existant." Un témoignage de Thomas Ceccaldi, CEO de Roadstr.

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